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Sewing in the Dark

I have been working on some thread covered buttons for my new outfit and have come to a bit of a revelation. I’ve found that sitting at a table in the dark with only a desk lamp for illumination has really helped me get better at making these damnable things. As I was sitting here this evening a painting I remember seeing in the past came to my mind. It is one where a woman is sewing at night using a pitcher of water as a magnifying glass. I always assumed that this was a seamstress trying to get some extra work done in the evening. But what if it were simply the fact that sewing this way is more efficient? Especially if one is working on fidgety little things like thread covered buttons or lace. I know that I have found this to be the case and that’s my revelation. Sewing in the dark like this has really helped me focus on what I am doing. It has also made it easier. I’m not constantly straining to see what I am doing. At some point I am going to have to do some research to see if this is the case. If you have any insight into this please leave a comment below.

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